Torleif Ringstad

Nordling man from Braughtston


An average sized man, though stronger than he looks. He is now a prisoner of the party.


Was once a fisher and blacksmith in the village of Braughtston. He and some fellow men were chosen to venture into the nearby Frilk Grove to kill a Werebear that had been stealing from the village, and had maimed one man. When the lycanthrope proved too powerful, he ran as the rest of the men were slaughtered. For this, he was banished from all villages on the island and forced to wander the wilderness. He eventually found several other men that had been exiled for various reasons and formed at bandit group stationed at Bruln Tower. Though the men rarely caused any trouble, they occasionally waylay-ed travelers and stole goods, though they rarely killed anyone unless necessary. His main goal is to reunite with his wife (Magnhild) and daughter (Kirsten) and escape the island of Ard Daohn. He wishes to flee to the south and make a life in the Empire.

Torleif Ringstad

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